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neu ma anh noi anh cung thich em, em tin khong? moi khi anh nho em, anh cung muon om em lam,  muon em o ben canh anh. nhung ma anh khong bich hoi nao anh moi lam duc.

“It still hurts at three a.m.”

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My last night in LA :T see you later LA I know I’m not leaving for a majorly long time but being away from home is a huge thing to me since I’ve been here my whole life. Like I literally have never been to much places out of Cali with the exception of Las Vegas, NV. But yeah I still don’t feel awfully sad or depressed. But I’m sure I’ll feel it when I’m by myself in training.


because of you, im afraid to love again

Hi bud how's it going?


I’m good and yourself?

“The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.”

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told him i would reblog him. LOL.


my entire life is me dropping things and whispering ‘fuck’